03 Sep

What Needs Admission?

Hedgehogs exhibiting abnormal behaviour, sick or injured.If you are in doubt refer to the Treatment Centre for advice. 07530 803946 It is advised all Hedgehogs should be transported in  The Emergency Hedgehog Box (EHB) 

  • Out In Day - Hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures but on occasions will be seen at dawn and dusk feeding, this is normal behaviour. Please ring for advice.

Sows in the breeding season can occasionally be seen collecting nesting materials in the day. This behaviour is characterised by purposeful movements usually centred around one location and is normal behaviour. It is rare to see this behaviour. Please ring for advice.

Sows are sometimes seen moving hoglets to a new nest. This is normal behaviour.  Please ring for advice

All other reasons for being out in the day are abnormal and admission should be arranged to exclude illness. 

Here are some of the common causes for admission.

  • Sunbathing - This is usually a result of altered consciousness either because of an injury or more likely severe dehydration associated with parasites. This Hedgehog needs urgent admission and stabilisation. 

  • Wobbly or ‘Drunk’ Hedgehog - This is most likely due to dehydration and requires urgent  admission and stabilisation. 

  • Walking in Circles - Probably a head injury but exclude dehydration. Admit stabilise and make assessment to determined reason for behaviour. 

  •  Running Around in The Day - Probably internal parasites or/and dehydration. Needs admission, stabilisation and investigations as to the cause.

  • Entrapment - All hedgehogs caught in netting, fishing line, electric fencing, ropes, plastic or any other type of ligature must be admitted to exclude a constriction wound and correct any  dehydration

  • Near Drowning - This can be salt water, fresh water or mud. Dry if able then EHB and admit.

  • Imprisonment - Hedgehogs get themselves locked into all sorts of places. Carefully question the finder to establish how long the animal has been imprisoned. If a short time e.g under 24hrs and is well, it does not need admission, release. Otherwise admit and hydrate. If in doubt admit. 

  • True Orphans - Will need admission and specialist care. Contact the Treatment Centre so they can set up appropriate housing and give advice on short hold care. 

  • Injuries - All injuries need admission to the Treatment Centre or a local to finder Veterinary Practice. 

  • Disturbed Mother and Babies - Admission will depend on circumstances. Try to keep family together.  Ring for advice from the Treatment Centre urgently. 

  • Flies bothering, Strike or Maggots (Myiasis) - Admit in Emergency Hedgehog Box.

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