08 Oct

Well Hedgehogs seen from ‘Dusk to Dawn’

If these hedgehogs are seen foraging and have no injury or ill health they should be left in the wild. 

Hedgehogs are wild animals and have evolved to live in the UK all year round. They are easily stressed by human contact.

No specific weight will guarantee a Hedgehog will survive the winter but there are things we can do which will give them a better chance. 

Please do not

  • Touch them
  • Weight them
  • Stress them by having pray animals such as dogs around them.
  • Bring them into captivity to ‘overwinter’.

This information is the most up to date, research based advice for well wild European Hedgehogs and might be different from advice given in the past.

If you are in doubt take a photo and contact us (see bottom of page)

How can you help them?

  • Provide a ‘Feeding Station’ with meaty dog and/or cat food and fresh water.
  • Keep it clean, dishes should be washed regularly.
  • Site it in a position convenient to you but has some natural camouflage from shrubs etc.
  • Once you start feeding, feed throughout the autumn, winter and spring. Most people feed all year round.
  • Wildlife Cameras are becoming cheaper and easier to use. Why not set one up and share your observations.It is a lot of fun. 
  • Provide Habitat - This is really important. Provide nesting materials and space for them to build a wild nest (Dry leaves) or provide a wooden weatherproof nest box.. You can add hay to the box and dry leaves.

Unwell Hedgehogs and Hedgehogs seen in the day.

Please contact us for advice. Worrying signs are:

  • Wobbly Hedgehogs
  • Laying out in the open
  • Seen in the day
  • Any injuries
  • Fly attacks and Bird attacks
  • Dog bites
  • True orphans
  • Anything you are worried about. Better to ask for advice.

Photos and videos really help us to make the decision to admit or not. 

www.glamorganhedgehogrescue.com Facebook:@GlamorganHedgehogRescue. 07530803946

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