We are a small Hedgehog Rescue covering the old county of Glamorgan in South Wales UK.  

If you find a Hedgehog out in the day, wobbling, sunbathing, injured, trapped or looks too small to be away from mum please give us a call and we can offer advice and support.

If you disturb a nest with a nursing mum and hoglets, please put all the nesting materials and the hedgehogs back together, observe from a distance and give us a call and we will offer advice.

If we advice admitting a hedgehog we will ask you to put the hedgehog into a high sided box (they are good climbers) with a towel or similar for them to hide under. Add a source of heat such as a hot water bottle or old drinks bottle. Please wrap any hot containers in a cloth to avoid burns. Warmth is an important First Aid treatment for shock and will speed up any life saving treatments we can offer on admission.
Poorly Hedgehogs are unlikely to be able to defend themselves from flies etc. so bring the box indoors to prevent fly strike or other predation.

If the Hedgehog revives, please do not be tempted to put the Hedgehog back outside.

Please go to our Leaflet Section for more in-depth advice.

Human respiratory infections: In order to keep you and the rescue staff safe please do not attend if you have  a cold, covid or flu-like symptoms. We may ask you wear a face covering. Please only attend if you have an appointment.
Thank-you for your cooperation.
Hedgehogs needing Help image