Hedgehogs needing Help

We are a small Hedgehog Rescue covering the old county of Glamorgan and West towards Pontadawe in South Wales UK.  

If you find a Hedgehog out in the day, wobbling, sunbathing, injured or looks too small to be away from Mum please give us a call and we can offer advice and support.

If you disturb a nest with a nursing mum and hoglets, please put all the nesting materials and the hedgehogs back together, observe from a distance and give us a call and we will offer advice.

If we advice admitting a hedgehog we will ask you to put the hedgehog into a high sided box (they are good climbers) with a towel or similar for them to hide under. Add a source of heat such as a hot water bottle or old drinks bottle. Please wrap any hot containers in a cloth to avoid burns.Warmth is important First Aid treatment for shock and will speed up any life saving treatments we can give on admission. Please put a bowl of water and meaty cat or dog food in the box, however often unfortunately they are too sick to eat and drink.

COVID-19 In order to keep you and the rescue staff safe. Please only attend if you have an appointment. There is a strict no contact handover. You will be given the Covid-19 procedures for handover when we give you an appointment time.
Please would you wear a face covering. Thank-you for your cooperation.
Hedgehogs needing Help